Ask the Palestinians about Zinoism

Come along to my home in London, let's have a bite together and listen while I try to explain to my six year old son why he can't see his grandparents in Gaza. Listen to the tears jamming up my throat as I stop them from coming up to my eyes, as I pretend to be strong in front of my child.

Look into the eyes of the confused child as I tell him that I am actually originally not from Gaza but from a village called Deir Snade. My own grandparents were forcibly removed and Israel has taken our family home, our olive trees, our animals and the stream in the fields. That I lived with my family as a refugee in Gaza.

Listen carefully to my three year old daughter's broken Arabic as she asks who is 'Teta' Fatma and 'Seido' Mahmoud because she has never met them.

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