Obliterated 09 August 2019

Written and Directed by Ahmed Masoud

Designed by Clio Capelle 

Performed by Maxine Peake 

Tickets must be booked in advance and are subject to change. Stricktly no admitance on the door. Only one ticket per person allowed. 

Obliterated was a theatrical experiment and an artistic protest where there as never a play or a production. I wanted to highlight what it felt like to have art and theatre taken away from the audience in protest of the bombing of the El Mishal Cultural Centre in Gaza. You can read more about this artistic piece here

Original Press Release and Poster (top left

Obliterated is a new drama by Palestinian writer Ahmed Masoud, to be performed by Maxine Peake on 09 August 2019 at Amnesty International UK in Hackney. It explores the complexity of a society that has lived under siege for over a decade, delving deep into humanity’s most urgent social and political challenges with darkly satirical humour.

What happens when your life turns upside down? How do you deal with a partner who has disappeared? Where do you start looking?

Amanda McHugh is a British lawyer living in Slough with her husband Naseem who goes missing as he embarks on a journey to visit his family back home in the Gaza Strip.

Having lost faith in the British Foreign Office, Amanda decides to undertake the perilous journey to Palestine and find her husband herself, a voyage that takes her through the ISIS-threatened Sinai Desert to enter Hamas-controlled Gaza through the Rafah Border Crossing with Egypt.

Having failed to get out of Gaza through the Erez Crossing because of the Israeli siege on The Strip, Amanda finds herself stuck in Gaza and unable to return home until the Rafah Crossing opens once more. While there, she uncovers a dark secret which haunts Naseem’s past.

For many British citizens who are married to Palestinians from Gaza, the idea of going to the Strip and spending time with family is out of the question given the closure of borders. However, Amanda faces these challenges with gallows of bravery and bittersweet moments.

The production is designed by Clio Capelle and sponsored by Amnesty International UK and will be followed with a Q&A with the creative team chaired by the renowned journalist Ben White.

Masoud described the production as a “journey to the abyss of humanity, where normal life becomes entangled with political complexities. Yet the reality of people, their humour, their kindness, hopefulness and determination make you forget all the darkness around”

Maxine said “I am pleased to be performing a play which takes the audience somewhere they can't often go to, a place in the world often on the news for the wrong reason. Obliterated brings this place to life with complexities that you find in any place”