Go to Gaza, Drink the Sea - London & Edinburgh 2009

written & directed by Justin Butcher & Ahmed Masoud
designed & co-devised by Jane Frere
film design by Zia Trench
sound design by Sebastian Frost
A vibrant and haunting theatre piece, Go to Gaza, Drink the Sea promises to transport the audience directly to Gaza to experience what happened during the recent Israeli military assault. It seeks to create a highly atmospheric fusion of moving personal testimonies with searing film images and soundscape bearing witness to the dignity, courage and suffering of the people of Gaza.
In the words of award-winning writer-director Justin Butcher it is “A ritual. A requiem. An act of mourning. A space and a moment - set aside from people's busy email-driven, mobile phone buzzing, credit-crunch anxious daily lives - which people can enter, in which they can hear and see enacted the true stories of those in Gaza, simply staged, subtly supported with appropriate music and lighting.”
This theatre piece is an artistic collaboration between Justin Butcher ("Scaramouche Jones", "Madness Of George Dubya"), Palestinian writer-director-choreographer Ahmed Masoud (founder of Palestinian National Dance Company Al Zaytouna, director of "Ila Haifa"), internationally renowned artist and designer Jane Frere (Return Of The Soul - The Nakbah Project) and award-winning political journalist/film-maker Zia Trench (founder of Zeitgeist Theatre Company).
Performed by a Palestinian and British cast, it comes as a response to the human slaughter which led many onlookers to despair. The performance speaks not just of that despair, and the pain and suffering inflicted on ordinary people, but of the deeper strength and courage of those who were left to cope alone, away from the world’s cameras, remote from the help of aid agencies. In spite of the constraints, people inside Gaza have contributed photos, video footage and testimonies for this production. The performance also provides a unique opportunity for the audiences to record and send personal messages of solidarity.