Camouflage - London 18 May 2017 

Written and Directed by: Ahmed Masoud

Designed by Clio Capelle

Performed by: James El Sharawy 

How does one survive under military occupation? How do young people see the situation? Do they try to resist it? Run away? Give up? What do they care about most? Four young Palestinians had the right ideas; they survived through staring danger in the face.

Camouflage is a new, daring play, which looks at the experience of a Palestinian refugee trying to flee the conflict in Syria, a young girl in Ramallah falling in love for the first time, a boy in Gaza trying to find a date and an aspiring actor in Haifa who has to come to terms with the unjust society he lives in.

The play is a dark comedy by acclaimed Palestinian writer Ahmed Masoud, which marks the 50th anniversary of the Israeli military occupation in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank - Palestine, looking at the issues that really matter for young people. The play also commemorates the 69th anniversary of the Nakba.

Thaer is a thirteen year old boy on a boat in the waters between Turkey and Greece, something is troubling him and it is not the fact that he might drown any minute. Nibal is a seventeen year old girl finishing her SAT exams in an American style school in Ramallah. She is constantly refusing marriage proposals from well suiters, but she can’t resist one guy. Twenty year old Zeid is a taxi driver in Gaza who is using Tinder to try to find a date. Sami’s dream is to become a famous actor, he has to play a few roles in Haifa in order to build his CV and get known with Israeli established directors.

Camouflage is a one person show, which presents a collage of theatrical genres taking the audience on a journey of what it means to live under occupation.